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Maple Supplies & Reviews

Here we breakdown everything that goes into making Maple Syrup including the equipment and concepts that every aspiring maple hobbyist will need in their pursuit of excellent maple sugar.

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Smokey Lake Gas-Fired Finisher

Learn more about the Smokey Lake Finisher in today's episode of "High Sugar Content"

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Why Label Slayer

Save yourself time and improve product presentation by using the Label Slayer to quickly and accurately apply labels to your containers. The Label Slayer is a tailored design for the most common sizes used within various artisan industries.

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High Sugar Content - The Jones Rule

Maple Reviews & Info

On this episode of High Sugar content we take a look at the Jones Rule.



High Sugar Content - Maple Supplies and Equipment

Maple Supplies & Review

Smokey Lane Hydrometer Review

Gold Series Hydrometer

Smokey Lane


Smokey Lane Compensation Cup Review

Murphy Condensation Cup

Smokey Lane


Smokey Lane Hydrometer Review

Murphy Compensation-float

Smokey Lane

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